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Beijer Ref is a group of European refrigeration wholesalers and manufacturers, representing the leading supplier in Europe of components and systems such as air conditioning, commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment whose Hungarian member company is Equinoxe Kft..
The Beijer Ref Group has its origin in the 1970's when the Swedish listed company, Skrinet, acquired the leading refrigeration wholesaler in Sweden, AB Kylmateriel. The Group grew significally during the summer of 2004 with the aquisition of Elsmark Holding ApS, a former subsidiary of Danfoss, and in 2009 with the acquisition of Carrier ECR Europe. The aquired companies extend Beijer Ref's European market coverage and Beijer Ref now operates in a total of22 countries.
Beijer Ref operations comprise comfort cooling, commercial and industrial refrigeration andsolar technology.

Comfort cooling

Comfort cooling has become more and more important in recent years and is now considered as a necessity in most buildings and cars. Beijer Ref's products guarantee that these environments meet the needs and performance requirements of the people using them.

Commercial refrigeration

The supply of products for which durability and hygiene are important has also increased significantly over the past decades, particularly in the food and pharmaceuticals sectors.Beijer Ref has achieved a leading position in relation to the elimination of ozone-depleting refrigerants. We deliver both complete refrigeration systems and components.

Systems provide overall solutions

Beijer Ref's manufacturing companies collaborate with wholesalers to provide system solutions. As a result, we are able to co-ordinate development and sales. We engineer and manufacture complete functional solutions that comprise refrigeration equipment with both indirect and direct cooling systems. The focus is on the development of environmentally friendly refrigerants in which, for example, hydrocarbons, CO2, propanes and ammonia are playing an increasingly important role.

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